6 Ministry Objectives Leading to Greater Effectiveness

Every month I write a newsletter update about new content on the site embedded in some words of encouragement or equipping.  It is available online but also sent by e-mail to anyone who subscribes using the form which can be found on most pages on the site.  Previous newsletters are removed when a new month turns the corner.  I received a request for the one done for September 2009 as the person accidentally deleted his e-mail.  In looking at the content, I thought it might be good to make it permanently available to everybody.  I’ve pulled out the main points for you below.

Do you want to see a greater effectiveness in ministry?  Work on these six objectives:

1)  Invest much prayer into whatever you do.

Hopefully you prayed through the planning stages.  Don’t stop praying.  Envelop the on-going efforts in prayer.  Recruit people specifically to pray for you and your ministry.  Even if you have only one or two prayer supporters, you are providing more prayer coverage than if you didn’t.  God will hear those prayers.

2)  Work at getting everybody involved.

God so designed the church that if everybody did their part, using their spiritual gifts, so much more can happen and more effectively.   It might seem easier to do everything yourself, but that is not the way God designed the Body to grow.  (Eph. 4:16)

3)  Think outside of the box.  Learn to be more creative.

One of the things that hinders ministry from being more effective is getting stuck in ruts … not just in what we do but also in how we think about the process.  “But we’ve always done it this way” is a mindset that will keep you from growing.  Yes, there are some absolutes that never change but so much of what we hold on to is simply form or process that God never commanded to be done in one set way.

4)  Make an effort to meet people where they are.

Accept them where they are and they will be more open to moving to where they should be.  This means you must take time to learn about the people in your midst.  You can start by learning more about their general developmental characteristics.  Even that will help you zero in on their basic needs and help you see how to implement ministry relevant to them.

5)  Know where to find resources that will help you be more effective.

God has blessed us with an abundance of books, Internet sites, audio recordings, film, and more to help us be more effective.  We truly are without excuse.  Nothing, however, should ever take the place of His Word.  And, any of these other resources should always be filtered through Scripture.

6)  Be good stewards of the resources you do have.

In these hard economic times, many churches and ministries have more limited funds.  We need to make the best of what we have and trust God to work with what He provides.

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