Qualities Needed in Team Members

God designed the church to function as a unit … a body, a team (1 Cor. 12) … which requires unity. Following are four qualities that will help team members be more united. You will notice that it requires the removal of “self.”


All must learn to respect and accept one another regardless of opinions, personalities, or differences in gifting and abilities.

Committed to one another … not self-preservation.


All must eagerly do their part according to God’s design.

Committed to advancing God’s purposes … not self-absorbed.


All must humbly accept what is best rather than push their own agendas or personal gain.

Committed to the good of the whole … not self-centered.


All must look at the big picture and strategically pursue God’s purposes.

Committed to a global perspective … not self-serving

Note the word “all” under each of the above team qualities.  To truly be a unified team and reach optimal effectiveness, each member of the team must pursue these qualities.

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