Christian Education Ministry Staffing

Building a Team of Leaders & Ministry Workers

Building a ministry team for the administration, coordination, and implementation of your Christian education programs or strategies could be one of the most important tasks apart from the discipleship process itself. If you have the right people involved in this ministry, the likelihood of seeing lives changed through the various strategies and programs will increase. Consider the following factors:

  • Spiritual Gifts: Does this person have the special divine empowerment to do the task?
  • Heart Passions: Is the person's heart drawn toward that group of people, issue, or ministry?
  • Personality: Does the person give enough attention to details necessary for the task? Or, does the person get along well with people if it is a people-oriented position?
  • Walk with God: Does the person know Jesus as Savior and Lord? Is the person committed to growing and becoming more Christ-like?
  • Experience: Is previous experience required? Experience can be helpful but doesn't always have to be a requirement depending on the position and if the person is teachable and you are willing to invest into the training of the person.
  • Philosophy: Does the person's philosophy of ministry sufficiently blend with the philosophy of ministry established by this ministry? How critical are any discrepancies to this person's ability to be a team player?
  • Availability: Can this person devote time to adequately prepare and fulfill the tasks needed to effectively minister in this way?

For each position needed to implement the strategies, you should ask the above questions.

The following positions are important to Christian Education ministry. Depending on the size of your church, some of these positions may be combined but the work described needs to be accomplished. Other than the first one, you will need more than one person doing many of these functions. How many will depend on the size of your church and the number of strategies you have in place. The names given below are according to function and so your titles may differ but what they represent must be accomplished for a strong Christian Education ministry.

The Big Picture Person:

Function: oversees the total Christian Education ministry
Characterized: not only keeps tabs on where the ministry is but where it could go; developmental and visionary with an ability to motivate others
Spiritual Gifts Needed: leadership and/or possibly faith  (Other gifts like administration or pastor would be helpful but are not absolutely essential to development.)

The Coordinators:

Function: manage and maintain a program or strategy to achieve the goals for which it was established
Characterized: organizing, planning, staffing, delegating, coordinating, and evaluating
Spiritual Gifts Needed: administration and wisdom  (The gift of pastor may be helpful for working with staff but is not absolutely essential.)

The Implementers:

Function: work on the details needed to accomplish goals and strategies as delegated to them by their coordinator
Characterized: clerical, communications, maintaining resources and supplies, and other service-oriented tasks
Spiritual Gifts Needed: helps and possibly administration and service

The Researchers:

Function: provide information needed upon which to make wise decisions
Characterized: keep a pulse on the congregational needs and the Christian Education trends in the church at large; learn of training opportunities and resources offered through a variety of means that could assist on a variety of levels
Spiritual Gifts Needed: knowledge

The Prayer Partners:

Function: envelop the ministry, workers, and participants in prayer
Characterized: committed and constant intercessory prayer that is specific and relevant to needs and overflowing with praise to God
Spiritual Gifts Needed: faith

The Trainers:

Function: equip people to effectively accomplish whatever responsibility they have
Characterized: teacher training, leadership training
Spiritual Gifts Needed: exhortation and/or teaching

The Shepherds:

Function: disciple others through teaching, counseling, mentoring, or other discipleship measures
Characterized: teachers, Bible study facilitators, small group leaders
Spiritual Gifts Needed: pastor, teaching, and/or exhortation

The Shepherds' Helpers:

Function: assist the shepherds in ways that will free the shepherds' time so they can keep focused on teaching and discipleship
Characterized: setting-up, decorating, cleaning up, transportation, hospitality, record-keeping, communication
Spiritual Gifts Needed: helps and possibly service  (The gift of exhortation or hospitality may also be beneficial to assist in certain situations.)

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