Classroom Discipline Tips for Children & Youth Workers, Sunday School & Other Bible Teachers

Acquire an understanding of age level characteristics you teach.

Age Levels

Certain behaviors can be expected as a natural part of a child's developmental stage. What could be defiance in an eight year old may be part of the growing process for a three year old. You need to know the difference so you discipline appropriately.

For example, don't expect a two year old to share. Theirs is a time of parallel play. Have enough materials for everyone so they don't have to share. However, the six year old should be expected to play and work with others cooperatively. Likewise, don't expect preschoolers to assume different character parts and act out a story. If you do, they may just stand there. Give them all the same part and something may happen. Also, avoid frustrations and accidents because of coordination problems by understanding that a preschooler's small muscles are not yet developed and they need larger drawing tools and materials.
If you don't understand that these behaviors are typical of preschoolers, you may become frustrated. You may discipline them for what you think is defiance but in reality is just age appropriate behavior. Knowing their characteristics should help you be more patient and understanding.

Each age group has its own characteristics.

  • Take time to observe your children.
  • Read books on age level characteristics.
  • Use the helps provided with your curriculum.

As you acquire a better understanding of your children, you can adjust your expectations and methodology to that which best fits your class.

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