Classroom Discipline Tips for Children & Youth Workers, Sunday School & Other Bible Teachers

Make sure your students know
what is expected of them.

Students should know what is expected of them.

State the rules at the beginning of a new school year. Restate them, sporadically, throughout the year.

  • When addressing a behavioral problem or affirming good behavior, include a statement of the rule in the way you express yourself.
  • Post the rules in the classroom in a positive way.
  • Inform parents, through a meeting or in a letter, of your goals and the rules established to help accomplish those objectives. Solicit their help in encouraging their children to know and obey the rules.

Obviously you will not be able to state a rule for every possible scenario. Rules should be:

broad enough to be inclusive of a wide range of behaviors
but specific enough for behavior to be measured.

Consistent reference to these principles in a variety of settings will help students comprehend their meaning.
Of course, stating your expectations is not enough. You must consistently enforce them as well. Otherwise you are sending mixed signals to the children and they still won't know what is expected of them. Keep in mind that sometimes misbehavior is simply to find out where the teacher draws the line. Do not keep moving the line. If you do, you are inviting discipline problems.

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