Classroom Discipline Tips for Children & Youth Workers, Sunday School & Other Bible Teachers

Adequately prepare for your lesson.

If you walk in the shoes of the unprepared teacher versus the prepared teacher, no more will have to be said. First let's look in on the unprepared teacher.

unprepared teacherThe unprepared teacher runs into class, often late.
unprepared teacher
He fumbles around trying to get his materials collected and is constantly trying to juggle the various tasks. Consequently he finds it difficult to give full attention to the children.
unprepared teacher
He feels insecure and apprehensive and therefore becomes inflexible.
unprepared teacherAs a result he tends to respond to the slightest hint of misbehavior with a raised voice and demand for instant obedience.
unprepared teacherIt is difficult for him to discern what can be ignored and what demands attention.
unprepared teacher
By the end of the session he is at his wit's end.
unprepared teacherHe leaves discouraged, wondering what went wrong.

Now let's consider what the prepared teacher may experience.

prepared teacher The prepared teacher gets to church in plenty of time to gather his materials together and be ready to warmly greet students as they arrive.
prepared teacher Because he knows where he is headed with the lesson, he is able to turn the unexpected into teachable moments.
prepared teacherHe is at ease and flexible and can actually listen to what the students say.
prepared teacherHe enjoys his students, and is able to joke around with them at appropriate times.
prepared teacher He is able to focus on relating with the learners rather than on what he is supposed to do next. Students thrive on personal attention and therefore usually cooperate with him.
prepared teacher
He notices what is going on in the classroom, almost as though he has "eyes in the back of his head." Consequently he prevents many behavioral problems.
prepared teacherHe leaves at the end of class feeling pretty good about what just happened.
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