Classroom Discipline Tips for Children & Youth Workers, Sunday School & Other Bible Teachers

All teachers within an age division should have the same rules.

Children might participate in three or more programs of the church, each program with a different set of teachers and consequently a different set of rules. Perhaps children are confused and find it difficult to remember what is acceptable in each situation.
You would do well to get together as an age division and reach a consensus on some guidelines. Keep them general enough, though, to accommodate different teachers' styles, individual student needs, and differing situations.
Before establishing rules, however, all teachers must reach a common understanding of the nature and scope of the educational process before they can agree to what rules are necessary.

  • Allow opportunity for all teachers to share how they feel.
  • Settle disagreements right from the start so resentments do not ensue and weaken the effort. Problems will arise if some teachers enforce the rules and others do not.

Teachers will accept this system more readily if given the opportunity to develop the rules based on their needs and efforts rather than having a system of rules passed down to them from the leadership. Likewise, students will better accept the system if they are also allowed participation in the establishment of the rules.

(Last updated 10/01/14)

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