Classroom Discipline Tips for Children & Youth Workers, Sunday School & Other Bible Teachers

Guard your teacher-student ratio.

teacher-student ratio

The span of influence for one teacher must be limited if you are going to give adequate attention to the needs of individual learners.

When you stop effectively meeting needs you open doors for discipline problems.

Many of today's children crave love and attention. They need relationship. If they do not get it, they will seek it by inappropriate means. When a child gets frustrated or bored, it is only a matter of time until he acts it out.
Often children need personalized guidance and opportunity to question and explore. Even a well meaning teacher will find it next to impossible to fulfill this role in a large group.

If you are unable to divide your class into two groups because of facilities or because of a shortage of teachers, do your best to at least get a helper who has no responsibility other than to make sure children do not slip between the cracks.

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