The Benefits of Creativity in the Classroom

Creativity is important in teaching because of what it potentially brings to the lesson and how it can move students to higher levels of learning.


Creative teaching often takes students to the edge. Getting out of their comfort zones can cause people to re-examine where they are and what they have been holding on to. Consequently, students have opportunity to move beyond status-quo.


Building creativity into a lesson causes the teacher to think about what will affect students in positive ways. Consequently, age-old truth is presented in ways that tap into people's lives today.


When the same content is presented in a new or different way, it is seen from a different perspective. Consequently, students often come to understand it better.


When students don't know what to expect they will tend to remain more alert in the teaching-
learning process. Consequently, the lesson will potentially not only grab their attention but maintain their attention.


When students are interested and engaged in the lesson, they actually enjoy learning. Conse-
quently, they want to keep coming back for more.


One of the goals of a creative teacher is to increase participation by students. Consequently, students will tend to think more, feel more, do more, and hence, learn more.


Because the teacher must work at the lesson more to make it creative, the teacher will have an even greater personal investment into the lesson. Consequently, the lesson will tend to be presented with more enthusiasm and energy.


Creative teachers ask questions like, "How can I make this lesson better understood?" "How can I tap into the needs of my students?" "How can I engage my students in the process?" Consequently, as a result of constant evaluation, lessons are constantly improving.

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