Be-Attitudes for Teachers: A Devotional for Sunday School & Other Bible Teachers

Be Concerned

As a magnet attracts . . . like a magnet, concern attract studentsso a concerned teacher attracts students!

People are drawn to someone they believe truly has their welfare at heart. Coercion and all sorts of gimmicks are unnecessary to keep people coming to concerned teachers' classes. Their impact is tremendous!

When students are sick, down-hearted, celebrating, or whatever the case may be, the concerned teacher will be there with an outstretched hand and understanding heart. This teacher genuinely feels for and with his/her pupils. With the Apostle, the concerned teacher can say, "Besides everything else, I face daily the pressure of my concern for all the churches (students). Who is weak, and I do not feel weak? Who is led into sin and I do not inwardly burn?" (2 Cor. 11:28-29)

When was the last time you cried with a student? Have you ever spent the better part of the night agonizing in prayer over the plight of someone you teach? Do you find your soul leaping with joy when a student gets right with the Lord? Have you grieved when they suffered loss? Are you burdened for the one still lost in sin, in need of the Savior?

As a concerned teacher you will be interested in the students' whole being . . . the spiritual along with the physical, mental, and emotional. You will care about what happens to them both within the walls of the church and outside. You will see them as more than a number or name on the membership roll. You will see the individuals within a class --each person with his/her own needs, concerns and interests. You will care about each one. You will not teach a lesson but rather you will teach people. They will be more important to you than getting through an agenda or than your own performance. When you look out over the group, you will see those for whom Jesus died. With all your heart you will want to see them grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus. And, it will show!


For Teachers: Developing concern is a matter of the heart. Ask God to grow it within you. Feelings, however, frequently come along as we act outwardly what should be on the inside, even when it isn't there. Ask yourself the following questions. Determine what you can do to behave as though you are concerned. Then trust God to bring the feeling part along:

  • Do you pray for students by name with their special needs in mind?
  • Are you aware of students' outside interests and activities?
  • Do you send notes to let absentees know they are missed?
  • Do you make visitors feel welcomed?
  • Do you talk with students outside of class?

For Leaders: You can help teachers develop concern by modeling it for them. Do you look out for the welfare of your teachers? Apply this message to your teachers.

For Group Use: After doing the devotional, practice showing concern with one another. Break into small groups or pairs and share something personal and also something pertaining to their teaching. Then pray for one another. Encourage teachers to follow-up with each other during the coming month.

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