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Looking for help with the Christian Education Ministry in your Church?
Order the Christian Education Bundle which includes: (Scroll down to learn more about each resource.)
The Christian Education Ministry Manual so you gain a big picture perspective of Christian Education in the church based on biblical principles.
The Christian Education Files with guidelines and resources to administrate the Christian Education ministry of your church.
The Christian Education Leadership Team Training to help get your team on the same page.
Each of these resources is sold separately, a total of $45.97, but ordering this bundle will save you almost $6.00.

CE Manual

Christian Education Ministry Manual

This 58 page Ministry Manual will provide you with an overview of Christian Education in the church. You will find content from the Christian Education section of this site plus more.

Table of Contents:

Philosophy of Ministry

How what you believe affects what you do; Scripture study on the big picture; worksheet to help develop a biblical philosophy of ministry; suggestions on how to maintain an operative philosophy and a worksheet to help with it


What to look for when staffing your Christian Education ministry; positions needed to build a team of leaders and other workers; a look at spiritual gifts specifically utilized within a Christian Education ministry and a manual self-scoring test for those gifts; personality characteristics useful to Christian Education ministry and a basic assessment to help determine what characteristics a person has; reference to the use of ministry descriptions and a screening process; tips on functioning as a team


The need to provide both content and context for spiritual growth; a comparison chart with the different levels showing the interpersonal involvement, methodology, teacher's role and ideal gifting at each level; the importance of opportunities at the different levels and the Christian Education Ministry's resultant responsibilities; an assessment worksheet

Groupings vs. Total Church Life

The benefits of incorporating both large and small group strategies; questions to challenge how you are integrating certain groups into the whole and if you are adequately meeting individual needs


List of programs or strategies that could be part of Christian Education ministry in the church; questions for validating the maintenance of existing programs or the development of new ones with a one page list of these questions that you are permitted to copy to assess each existing or potential program you might have


The best way to determine which model to use; possible models that could be used; an assessment to evaluate if the best model is being used within your various programs

Other Factors

Encouragement to let the particulars grow out of the big picture; a worksheet to look at curriculum, facilities, budget, policies, and the master calendar from a big picture perspective as well as some brief thoughts to consider about each of these factors

Order the Christian Education Ministry Manual Only

CE Files

Christian Education Files

This resource contains files to assist you in the administration of the Christian Education ministry of your church. It will help you tailor what you do to your particular situation while providing some guidelines in the following areas:
  • Classroom Evaluation: 2 page form you are permitted to print for use in evaluating how conducive classrooms are for learning
  • Curriculum Guidelines & Checklist: 1 page of guidelines about evaluating & choosing curriculum, training teachers to use it and more, plus a 3 page checklist to use in evaluating curriculum
  • Description Template: 2 page template that can be used as an outline for developing ministry descriptions for teachers or other Christian Education workers (does not include a sample but rather headings only of what might be included)
  • Policy Guidelines: 2 page document to help you know how to format and what to include in Christian Education policies (guidelines only, no sample)
  • Safety Guidelines: 4 page document providing you with help in thinking through your current practices with suggestions on what to include in a safety policy along with tips on writing and implementing a policy (guidelines only, no sample)
  • Supporting Workers: 4 page document with thoughts on the kind of support teachers need along with a list of 34 ideas of how to show your support
  • Teacher Evaluation Check List: 3 page checklist you are permitted to distribute to your teachers to evaluate their teaching or to use yourself if you wish to observe teachers to help them improve
  • Training Approach: 1 page document with five ways teacher training should be approached and some questions to assess what you are doing
  • Training Means: 29 page document with tips for using 23 different means of training teachers
  • Training Survey: 2 page teacher training survey which you are permitted to distribute to teachers to assess their greatest needs for training
Order the Christian Education Files Only

CE Team Training

Christian Education Leadership Team Training

The "Let's Keep That 'Wheel' Rolling!" Leadership Team Training is a one to one and a half hour training session you can use with the Christian Education leadership team of your church (perhaps up to two hours depending on your level of discussion) to encourage them to all work toward the same goal -- that of seeing changed lives -- and to understand what it will take to progressively move forward toward that goal, or to keep that "wheel" rolling." If you do not have a formal committee or board established, simply pull together leaders of your various Christian Education ministries.
This leadership team training resource includes the following:

  • 11 page pdf with the content of the training session
  • 2 handouts at end of above session file to copy and distribute
  • Power Point files to use with the session
  • PDF's of some of the Power Point Files that can be copied onto transparencies if you do not have Power Point available
Order the Christian Education Leadership Team Training Only

Misc. Info

About the Download

This bundle is available only as a download in a zip file with PDFs and a PowerPoint file inside of it.

  • PowerPoint is needed to use the slides file and Adobe Reader is required to open the PDF files.
  • You will need a means of extracting files from a zip file which, on many computers, can be done simply by right clicking on the saved file and then choosing 'Extract All'. Be sure to always use the unzipped folder.

Due to the nature of a download, the order cannot be refunded once it is placed.
Download links expire after 10 days so be sure to download it within that time if you do not retrieve it immediately at the bottom of the final page after payment.
PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to set up a password during checkout if you do not plan to retrieve your download immediately. Guest accounts cannot get the download at a later time.

Copying Permissions

  • You are permitted to copy and use the Christian Education Files in your ministry, with your Christian Education team, and may not distribute it beyond your immediate sphere of ministry (i.e., your church).
  • You are permitted to make only one copy of the Christian Education Manual from this bundle. If you wish to make multiple copies, you must order them separately.
  • You are permitted to make copies of the handouts in the Christian Education Leadership Team Training resource.
  • You may not copy this resource in whole or in part onto a web site or into any other digital format.
  • You are not permitted to put this material in any format that would be sold.