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Classroom Discipline Bundle
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Classroom Discipline Download Bundle for 1 Workbook, Unlimited of Other Resources

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Classroom discipline issues can be a major source of frustration for children and youth Bible teachers, causing some to quit teaching. Order the Classroom Discipline Bundle for a comprehensive understanding of handling discipline issues.
The bundle includes: (Scroll down to learn more about each resource.)
Biblical Authority versus the Authoritarian and Permissive Teachers Worksheet
Discipline Issues: What to Do About Specific Challenges Resource
Effectively Handling Classroom Discipline Workbook
Handbook on the Basics of Classroom Discipline
Each of these resources is sold separately, a total of $31.72. Ordering this bundle will save you a little over 20%.
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Biblical Authority versus the Authoritarian and Permissive Teachers Worksheet

If Bible teachers are not exercising Biblical Authority then students might be receiving conflicting messages between what is said in the lesson and what the teacher does. The goal should be for everything that is said and done in the classroom to send a consistent message about who God is, how He relates with us, and how He desires us to treat one another.
In this 3 page reproducible teacher training worksheet you will do a comparison study of teachers exercising Biblical authority versus authoritarian and permissive teachers. You will answer questions based on this comparison that will help you consider the implications for how to manage the classroom.

Order the Biblical Authority versus the Authoritarian and Permissive Teachers Worksheet Download Only


Handbook on the Basics of Classroom Discipline

Effective classroom management requires a good understanding of the teaching-learning process and of people. Any book on classroom discipline can only touch the surface of all there is to know about people and how to positively affect their lives. For this reason, this compilation of tips is considered to be a handbook on the basics of classroom discipline. The handbook will provide you with a good starting point on which to build.
In this 40 page reproducible teachers training resource you will find 30 classroom discipline tips for effectively managing the classroom divided into the following areas:
  • Basic Understandings
  • Basic Goals
  • Basic Structure
  • Basic Environment
  • Basic Out-of-Class Strategies
  • Basic In-Class Strategies
  • Basic Problems
Order the Handbook on the Basics of Classroom Discipline Download Only


Discipline Issues: What to Do About Specific Challenges Resource

When you view discipline as a training opportunity and not punishment, your outlook changes. You are better able to move from personal frustration and anger to what is best for the students. You are better able to step back and objectively look at the situation, to discern what is causing the problem and to accordingly administer discipline that has greater likelihood of helping students.
In this 61 page reproducible resource you will find the following:
  • one page for each of 56 different issues, looking at the challenge these discipline issues bring, possible causes, and ways to correct and better yet circumvent (prevent) problems.
  • a page of guidelines that are applicable to all specific issues which should be consistently applied regardless of the challenge
  • a one page survey you may copy and distribute to teachers to determine issues for which they most need input if you do not wish to make a copy of the entire booklet for each teacher
Following is a list of the 56 specific issues:
Because training is the goal, you will find some issues included in this resource that you might not normally think of in conjunction with discipline. But, they are issues that must be dealt with to increase learning potential for individual students and the class as a whole.
  1. Absent Frequently
  2. Angry
  3. Argumentative
  4. Attention-Getting Behavior
  5. Biting or Hitting Other Students
  6. Bothering/Agitating Other Students
  7. Bragging, Know-It-All Students
  8. Bringing Toys and Other Objects from Home
  9. Chair Tipping
  10. Clingy, Over-Dependent
  11. Cliques
  12. Competitive
  13. Constantly Clowning Around
  14. Constantly or Excessively Moving
  15. Controlling: Needs to Have Own Way
  16. Crying
  17. Crying When Children Dropped Off
  18. Daydreaming
  19. Deception
  20. Defiance
  21. Destructive
  22. Disrespectful & Rude
  23. Easily Distracted, Inattentive
  24. Exaggerating
  25. Foul Language
  26. Fun Seeker
  27. Gossip
  28. Group of Students Stick Together and Cause Trouble
  29. Hyperactivity - ADHD
  30. Impulsivity
  31. Indifference/Apathy
  32. Influencer
  33. Interrupting Constantly
  34. Late Arriving
  35. Manipulative
  36. Messiness
  37. Name Calling
  38. Noisemaking
  39. Off Task Behavior
  40. Peeking
  41. Perfectionism
  42. Poor Listening Skills
  43. Provocative
  44. Revengeful, Out to Hurt Others
  45. Sibling Rivalry
  46. Sidetracking
  47. Sleeping
  48. Staff Kids Misbehave
  49. Stealing
  50. Talking Incessantly/Inappropriately
  51. Tattling - Reporting Others' Misbehavior
  52. Teasing & Bullying
  53. Temper Tantrums
  54. Violent, Overly Aggressive Behavior
  55. Whining, Complaining, Sulking
  56. Withdrawn and Non-Participatory
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Effectively Handling Classroom Discipline Workbook

This 97 page self-study guide lays the groundwork for going beyond mere crowd control to making a difference in the lives of your students even in the process of disciplining. Intended to be used by the individual at one's own pace and at one's convenience, it can also be used in a group setting with each person following along in their own book.
This resource is not reproducible but quantity pricing is available if you desire to use the workbook with a group.
The workbook covers the following topics which will take you beyond the adoption of an arsenal of tactics to developing a comprehensive style of disciplining that uses God as the standard.

Lesson 1: The Discipline Problem
Lesson 2: Discipline Styles
Lesson 3: A Biblical Perspective on Discipline
Lesson 4: The Use of Biblical Authority
Lesson 5: Lining Up with God's View of Mankind
Lesson 6: Understanding Human Behavior
Lesson 7: Using a Grid to Evaluate Discipline Tactics
Lesson 8: Problem Solving Opportunities
Lesson 9: Preventing Problems
Lesson 10: Resources Available to the Teacher

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    • Copies may not be distributed beyond your sphere of ministry.
    • Copies may not be put in any format that would be sold.
    • Copies may not be put in whole or in part onto a web site or into any other digital format.

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