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Looking for some options for discussion topics in a small group of Sunday School class?
Order the Discussion Guides Deal for four different areas of study with relevant truths for the Christian life. (Scroll down to learn more.)
You will save a little over 10% by ordering these discussion guides as a bundles. Separately they would total $33.34.

About This Deal

Each of the four reproducible discussion guides in this download deal contains a question guide for every lesson and an input section at the back of the book to assist the facilitator with possible responses. You are permitted, and encouraged, to make a copy of the question guides for each group member.
The following discussion guides are included in this deal.
Evangelizing the World Around Me

Learn to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Sessions include:

  • God's Good News: The Gospel Touches Every Need and Every Problem
  • The Exclusive Claims: Why Christians Must Claim Christ as the Only Way
  • Seeking the Lost: If God Does the Seeking, What is My Role?
  • Accepting Christ: The Cost of Commitment
  • The Impact of the Gospel: Joy in Heaven, and on Earth Too!
  • Spreading the Gospel: Having a Testimony Ready to Share
  • Evangelizing Through Prayer: What Does the Priesthood Have to Do With Evangelism?
  • Friendship Evangelism: Following Jesus' Example
  • How to Give an Answer: Responding to Their Tough Questions
  • The Role of Community in Our Witness: The Example of the Early Church

Heaven: Sounds Good About Now

Learn about your future hope and how it affects life now. Sessions include:

  • Heaven: What Is It?
  • Getting the Big Picture
  • Picture Yourself ... Made Fit to Enjoy Heaven!
  • What Will Be In Your Heavenly Day-Planner?
  • What a Glorious, Humanly Unexplainable Place!

Practical Issues in the Book of Philippians

Find help for everyday living as individual believers and as a Body. Sessions include:

  • Other-Centeredness
  • How God Uses Circumstances
  • Unity
  • Obedience
  • Serving
  • Priorities
  • Attitudes
  • Peace
  • Contentment
  • Praising God & Embracing One Another

The Truth About Worship

Make worshiping a matter of lifestyle by learning key truths about worship. Sessions include:

  • Worship Permeates All of Life
  • The Object of True Worship
  • Worship is Being in God's Presence
  • Worship is Glorifying God
  • Worship in Spirit & Truth
  • Worship and Redemption
  • Worship and Lordship
  • Worship in the Splendor of His Holiness
  • Hindrances to Worship (part 1 & 2)
  • Worship and Spiritual Warfare
  • Thanksgiving in Worship

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