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Everybody Has a Part
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Everybody Has a Part: Getting a Grip on Spiritual Gifts Download to Print 1 Book

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What is your God-given part based on spiritual gifting?

Ephesians 4:16 says all believers have a part to do in the growth and building up of the Body, the Church, in love. Our spiritual gifts help us identify our part.
This 50 page book helps Christians who want to serve the Lord understand His design for the Church and identify their part in it.

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Table of Contents

A worksheet at the end of each of the main sections listed below personalizes the teaching to your life.
Spiritual Gifts Defined
Spiritual Gifts Go Beyond Normal Responsibilities
Spiritual Gifts Go Beyond Natural Abilities
Spiritual Gifts Enable You to Minister
Spiritual Gifts Are Given to All Believers
Spiritual Gifts Are a Work of the Holy Spirit
Spiritual Gifts Exhibit the Character of God
Spiritual Gifts Cannot Be Earned
Spiritual Gifts Build Up the Body of Christ
Spiritual Gifts In Use Within the Body
Appendix A - Spiritual Gifts Listed and Defined
Appendix B - Ministry Areas


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