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MAX Pak - Spiritual Gifts Curriculum for Group
Item #: DMX-G

MAX Pak - Spiritual Gifts Curriculum & Tests with 25 Student Books Download

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Help adults in your church understand God's design for the Body of Christ and how they fit into it.
Ephesians 4:16 says, "From him (Jesus) the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work."
Everybody has a part. Use this curriculum to help grow your church by maximizing involvement as people identify their spiritual gifts and learn how important it is to do their part.
By ordering this Group version of the MAX Pak, you will be able to:
  1. provide each teacher with a teacher's manual
  2. print and distribute up to 25 copies of the student book
  3. administer a spiritual gifts test to all within your sphere of ministry
-- $67.96 if all items are purchased separately.
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About the Everybody Has a Part Curriculum Teacher's Manual:

The 8 lessons in this study are each designed for a one hour adult Sunday School class or Bible Study group. Some lessons include handouts or visual masters which you are permitted to copy for your group.

Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: God's Design for the Church
Lesson 2: God's Ultimate Goal for the Church
Lesson 3: God's Tools to Accomplish His Goals
Lesson 4: God's Empowerment to Accomplish His Goals
Lesson 5: God's Enablement for All Believers
Lesson 6: God's Provision for Doing Ministry His Way
Lesson 7: God's Purposes Tie Into the Effect We Have on One Another
Lesson 8: God's Desires for Our Church
Order the Teacher's Manual Only


About the Everybody Has A Part Student Book:

This book provides supplemental material not included in the teacher's manual. Discussion will be enhanced if students complete the assignments in these books suggested at the end of lessons 1-7. Time required for this out-of-class work is minimal in keeping with today's busy people. If not completed outside of class, it will still provide additional content and worksheets for use in class.
If you order this group version of the MAX Pak, you are permitted to make up to 25 copies of the book. Should you need more, quantity pricing is available for additional books. -- Order additional Student Books

Table of Contents:

Spiritual Gifts Defined
Spiritual Gifts Go Beyond Normal Responsibilities
Spiritual Gifts Go Beyond Natural Abilities
Spiritual Gifts Enable You to Minister
Spiritual Gifts Are Given to All Believers
Spiritual Gifts Are a Work of the Holy Spirit
Spiritual Gifts Exhibit the Character of God
Spiritual Gifts Cannot Be Earned
Spiritual Gifts Build Up the Body of Christ
Spiritual Gifts In Use Within the Body of Christ
Appendix A - Spiritual Gifts Listed and Defined
Appendix B - Ministry Areas Using Spiritual Gifts


About the Everybody Has A Part Spiritual Gifts Tests Resource:

This part of the MAX Pak includes the following:

  • 3 different manually scored spiritual gifts tests (assessing 7, 15, or 20 gifts) - Which gifts?
  • 1 page of General Information about spiritual gifting
  • 28 pages of Definitions which include a page defining each individual spiritual gifts and other information pertaining to the gifts
  • 3 pages listing Ministry Areas, some tasks within those areas, and gifts that are best used in those areas

Order the Spiritual Gifts Tests Resource Only


About the Download

This resource is available as a download in a zip file with PDFs inside it.

Files must be extracted from the zip file to use them after saving the download to your computer. Many computers will allow you to do that simply by right clicking on the saved file and then choosing 'Extract All'. Be sure to always use the unzipped folder.
Adobe Reader is required to open the PDFs.

Due to the nature of a download, the order cannot be refunded once it is placed.
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Copying Permissions

  • The teacher's manual may be copied for multiple teachers in your church or ministry. It may not, however, be distributed beyond your sphere of ministry. Handouts and visual patterns may be reproduced for students.
  • The student book in this group version may be copied for up to 25 students. It may not be distributed beyond your sphere of ministry. If you need more than 25 copies, go to: Everybody Has a Part Spiritual Gifts Book
  • The materials provided in spiritual gifts tests resource are for use by the original recipient only, meaning that it may not be distributed beyond your sphere of ministry (i.e., church). You are permitted to copy the tests and handouts included in this resource for every member of your group.

Please Note: The PDFs in the Spiritual Gifts Tests Resource are for ministry use only which means that you may not financially profit from their use in any way. If you are a ministry trainer, consultant, counselor, seminar leader, or the like, who will get paid for your services, please CLICK HERE for a license to use this material for profit.

  • PLEASE NOTE: You may not copy any of the tests or other materials in this resource, in whole or in part, onto a web site or into any other digital format.