Effective Prayer Ministry

Promoting Prayer Successfully in the Church Body

If everything suggested in this training is in place, then promotional gimmicks and pleading should not be necessary to get people to join you in prayer.

They will listen.

They will have seen that this is not just a passing fad but a permanent part of your church's life. You will have gotten their attention as they see the power of prayer regularly exhibited among them.

They will put value on it.

They will have seen that this is not just another program or meeting to attend but a way of life. You will have convinced them of the benefit and priority of corporate prayer.

They will understand.

They will have seen it modeled and not just taught. You will have impressed upon them not only how to pray but also a passion toward it.

They will act in accordance with it.

They will have incorporated this into their own system of beliefs. You will have shown them how it is a vital part of their relationship with God.

You can use a variety of means to communicate opportunities for corporate prayer.

But, if everything suggested in this training is in place, you will have something better than any pulpit or bulletin announcement. You will have something better than a creative skit or Power Point presentation.
You will have viral promotion . . . people spurring one another on through the example of their own lives of prayer and through word of mouth.

The Prayer Ministry Manual includes this content and then turns the above points into questions for you to ask yourself what you may or may not be doing to promote prayer and how to improve.

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