What Does God Offer Those Who Hurt?

Hurting People Need the Help a Loving God Provides


  • Only God is dependable to bring you comfort. Are you counting on other people more than you ought? Remember, they are imperfect humans incapable of consistently showing unfailing love.
  • Making Christ your source of sufficiency is the key. Circumstances or other people are unreliable. Only Christ is enough.

Emotional Well-Being:

  • You can outwardly appear to have your act together but inwardly be falling apart. God's guidance is far more than external conformity to His ways. He is concerned about your whole being. Tending to your heart condition is far more important than outwardly functioning according to Proverbs 4:23.
  • Contentment, regardless of your circumstances, is God's ultimate provision.
  • When you go to bed at night, acknowledge God's presence. When you wake up, acknowledge God's presence. Midway through the day, acknowledge God's presence. Observe the difference it makes in your emotional security and confidence level.


  • Time distances you from a painful event and with time may come a lessening of the intensity of your pain. True healing, however, comes from God, not time or any other source.
  • You need to stop and find spiritual nourishment. Busyness will only cover over your pain, not heal it.


  • If He could make the heavens and earth, surely He can help you. ... Although you may like to be in control, you cannot fix everything.
  • The Psalmist did not wait until he really "needed" God to turn to Him. He was already committed to living out God's Word -- "this has been my practice." He was accustomed to relying on God and His promises.
  • Help may come from where you least expect it. God is able to heal you directly but often He uses people in your life, and not always the ones you would expect.


  • It is essential to find hope in order to get out of depression. Belief in God, and particularly His good character, is the key to finding hope. . . . make a conscientious effort to remember Him.
  • God's hope is not necessarily the removal of the problem or pain but that you will get through it.
  • As you suffer, you learn to persevere. That builds character. As you see the good coming out of your suffering, you realize that all is not lost. There is purpose. So, you have hope. You do not have to like what has happened. You rejoice in the ultimate good to come out of a bad situation.
  • He is a just God so He will, in time or in eternity, right the wrongs which may have caused the suffering. He is a faithful God. He keeps His promises.


  • Dwelling on the negatives and misinterpreting the reason for your experience, will only tear you down. This is not to say that you should deny the reality of your pain. You will hurt. Your loss or problems, however, cannot be your sole focus if you want peace. You cannot dwell on the bad and feel good.
  • Satan, the enemy of your soul, wants you to believe that your problems are all physical or all emotional or all the fault of somebody else so you will apply the wrong solution and remain comfortless or troubled. You need to be on the alert for Satan's destructive power. If you do not maintain a level of self-control through your pain and suffering, you may be putting yourself in a position for Satan to take advantage of your vulnerability.

The value of suffering comes in learning to persevere because it puts you in touch with God and His great love in a way you cannot experience otherwise. . . . There is nowhere you can go to get away from God. You can try but God will still be there. All your running will do is deny yourself of intimate fellowship with Him when you most need it.

(All of the above comments are excerpts from the input section of the Walk the Walk Even When It Hurts Devotional Guide which includes thirty devotions from Psalm 23. You will find Shepherd of your soul providing all that is needed to cross through the valleys of life.)

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