Why teach Nursery age children?

Read the story of Jesus and the Little Children in Mark 10:13-16 and you will have the answer.

People wanted to bring young children to Jesus. (v. 13)

Are today's parents any different? Why do you think many people return to the church once they begin a family?

Not everybody thought children mattered. (v. 13)

Aren't we like the disciples who tried to hinder the children from coming to Jesus when we only play with the children and meet basic needs? If they are too young to come to Jesus on their own, shouldn't we help them?

Jesus brought the disciples into account for their lack of concern for the children. (v. 14)

Doesn't Jesus' indignation toward the disciples' hindrance communicate how grievous He thinks it is when we fail to look after the spiritual welfare of these little ones? Doesn't it say something to those who are leaders in the church about their accountability for making sure all children, young and old, are brought to Jesus?

Jesus welcomed the little children. (v. 14)

If Jesus viewed them as precious enough to spend time with them, what worth should we place on them? Should we not also devote our time and energy to lead them to Jesus?

Jesus acknowledged children's value in the kingdom of God. (v. 14)

If Jesus' reason for not hindering them was that "the kingdom of God belongs to such as these" then should that not be enough to let us know we need to direct children's attention toward God?

Jesus pointed to children's pliable hearts. (v. 15)

When Jesus said that "anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it" wasn't He letting us know that there is something in the heart of a child that can learn and seek after Him? Isn't this then a prime time to be laying a strong foundation?

Jesus touched the lives of even toddlers and nursery age children. (v. 16)

How tragic is it if we had opportunity to make an eternal difference in a young child's life and we missed it? If Jesus wants to take time for them and bless them, shouldn't we take infants and toddlers to Him?


The Let the Little Children Come Workbook will show you how to bring the little children to Jesus in ways that fit within their age level developmental characteristics. In this 53 page self-study guide, you'll find 8 sessions to take your children's ministry beyond babysitting and crowd control to laying a foundation in the lives of these little ones.

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