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Effectively Handling
Classroom Discipline Workbook
Item #: DTT8-G

Effectively Handling Classroom Discipline Workbook Download to Print for Group up to 25 Copies

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How effective it would be if all your children's ministry Bible teachers and workers were handling classroom discipline with similar goals and approach.

The consistency produced by all teachers on the same page when disciplining would undoubtedly result in better behavior but even more, an overall atmosphere conducive to learning as problems are used as opportunities for growth.
You can distribute this 97 page workbook to teachers for self-study or meet as a group to go through the study together. As a group you work through each lesson, reading the content and pull together your thoughts and responses.
One of these workbooks costs $10.99 so you can see that this truly is quite a savings.

Table of Contents

If doing the study together as a group, each of these lessons could be done in separate settings or combined according what your time allows.
Lesson 1: The Discipline Problem
Lesson 2: Discipline Styles
Lesson 3: A Biblical Perspective on Discipline
Lesson 4: The Use of Biblical Authority
Lesson 5: Lining Up with God's View of Mankind
Lesson 6: Understanding Human Behavior
Lesson 7: Using a Grid to Evaluate Discipline Tactics
Lesson 8: Problem Solving Opportunities
Lesson 9: Preventing Problems
Lesson 10: Resources Available to the Teacher


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