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Celebrate the Month Youth Activity Curriculum
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Celebrate the Month Youth Activity Curriculum Download

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Looking for a way to build community within your youth group or teen Sunday School class?
As teens relate to one another in fun and non-threatening ways, they often let down their defenses and broaden their circle of friendship. The Celebrate the Month Youth Activity Curriculum provides a session for each month that includes plenty of fun, food and fellowship for your group along with a brief devotional that is tied into that month's theme. (Scroll down to learn more.)

About This Curriculum

These 12 sessions, one to celebrate each month, are best suited for Junior High age but Senior High students also tend to enjoy the monthly celebration.

January: Blessings on You
February: Only the Shadow Knows
March: Shells of Fun
April: Eggstravaganza
May: Pet Projects
June: Say "I Do"
July: Bored No More
August: Things That Fly
September: School Daze
October: Don't Get Your Liver in a Quiver
November: Mystery Dinner
December: Winter Wonderland


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