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Free Materials or Financial Assistance

Due to the high volume of requests we receive from people around the world who seem to be equally in need and equally doing a good work in the name of our Lord, we are no longer responding to such requests. We do not have the staff or resources to check into and meet all of these needs.

Link or Resource to be Added on Request

Sites or resources must fit the slant and overall purpose of this site and must fit a specific niche. We generally do not link to sites that are primarily about selling something, subscription sites, or items for purchase unless it is sold in one of our affiliate stores. Please know that if you submit a link or resource, we will try to take a look but cannot promise when or if it will get added. And, we apologize but due to time constraints, we will no longer be responding to these kinds of contacts.

Partnership Request

Due to the high volume of requests we receive from people around the world who would like to partner with us in some way, we are no longer responding to such requests. This is not a direction we sense God leading this ministry at this time.

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Your first name only, and not your e-mail address will be passed on to the prayer support team.

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At this time we are not accepting invitations to conduct seminars, conferences, crusades, and the like. Also be advised that we do not provide courses online, or otherwise, leading to certification of any sort. The training we are able to provide at this time is what you may freely read online or purchase through our online store. Please note that we will not be replying to such requests since the response would remain what is written here.


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