Church Staffing Ministry: Overview

Are You Recruiting the Right Person in the Right Ministry?

Getting the Right Result in Church Ministry Staffing

Like the cry sounded forth in recent years in the world due to food, fuel, and financial shortages, so do churches sound the alarm due to labor shortages. Many churches are failing to reach peak quality and effectiveness because they lack capable lay leadership and ministry workers.
Before pointing the finger at the busy, cluttered lives of so many Christians, perhaps church leaders should first examine the effectiveness of their staffing ministry.
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Elements of Church Staffing Ministry:

An effective staffing ministry takes an on-going process of ministry assessment so you know what the right ministries are, ministry profiling so you know who the right people are, ministry recruitment so you know if it is the right time for those you consider to be the right people to be placed into the various positions, and ministry training so you can help them be effective. (Click on bold links below to learn more about each element.)
  • Assessment:  In light of your church purposes, what ministry should be happening?
  • Ministry Profiling:  Who are the workers needed to accomplish the ministry? Take into consideration spiritual gifting, heart passions, personality temperament, experience, and walk with God.
  • Recruitment:  How will you contact the people whose ministry profile fits the task to see if they are available and willing to serve?
  • Placement:  How will you go about placing the right person into the right ministry at the right time?
  • Training:  What resources and encouragement will you provide prospective and current workers to help them be effective?
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The Staffing Ministry Manual follows the outline on this page, guiding you to take an inventory of your current practices to help you see where you might improve. The overview in the manual also steps back for a brief look at the objective of staffing in these ways and its benefits.