Nuts & Bolts Ministry: Overview of Service-Oriented Ministries

A number of ministries within the church are vital but difficult to put into a specific category. These are being called Nuts and Bolts Ministries because they are so important to the on-going work of the church that without them, so much would fall apart or be less effective. Though often behind-the-scenes, these service-oriented ministries are ever so essential to holding things together that they are an integral part of church life.

Nuts & Bolts Ministries

List of Nuts and Bolts, Service-Oriented Ministries:

The list below suggests some nuts and bolts types of ministries along with specific ministry tasks they might include. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Clerical / Office Ministry

administrative assistants (formerly known as church secretaries), financial management

Communications Ministry

promotion, newsletter, website, social media, multimedia presentations (PowerPoint), writing

Facilities & Grounds Maintenance Ministry

janitors, cleaning crew, landscaping

Hospitality Ministry

greeters, reception desk, parking lot attendants

Staff Support Ministry

assistants, deacons / deaconesses, researchers, prayers, teacher's helpers

Technical Services

sound, lighting, computer IT

Other Service-Oriented Ministry

ushers, library, transportation

What's Important to Know About Nuts and Bolts Ministry:

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  1. God empowers people to serve in these ways through spiritual gifts.
  2. The contribution of people serving in these ministries is needed and should be valued.
  3. Nuts and Bolts types of ministries are essential to the big picture.
  4. God's Word provides guiding principles for this kind of ministry.
  5. People in Nuts and Bolts types of ministries need to keep perspective of what is most important.

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