Church Leadership Ministry: Overview

While a church or ministry organization needs leaders responsible for the big picture, it also needs leaders to tend to all areas of the ministry.
Balance and health come when ministries form leadership teams seeking the service of different types of leaders without letting the diversity lead to competition or comparison. Understanding the factors covered in this training section will help.

Church Leadership Ministry
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Factors to Consider in Regard to Church Leadership Ministry

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Calling of a Leader

The calling of God to be a leader is critical for all leaders but will grow out of the type of leader He designed and prepared the person to be.
  • Acceptance of this factor affects who we let serve as leaders.
  • It recognizes God's unique call on people's lives.

Capacities Filled by a Leader

The capacities in which someone leads should be based on the type of leader God designed them to be.
  • Acceptance of this factor affects how or where we let people serve as leaders.
  • It recognizes the need to think outside of the box, to be open to placing people in capacities that best fit them.

Challenges Faced by Leaders

The challenges faced in ministry could be swayed by the type of leadership in place.
  • Acceptance of this factor affects what changes we embrace and crisis we seek to avoid.
  • It recognizes the resources God has given to face the challenges.

Culture of the Church & Leadership

The culture of the church or ministry could be determined by the type of leadership provided.
  • Acceptance of this factor affects how we want to be known as a church or ministry organization.
  • It recognizes that leadership can bend the balance of the church culture.

Critique of Leadership

The critique of leadership can be affected by the type of leader one is.
  • Acceptance of this factor affects what we use as a measurement of ministry success.
  • It recognizes that the ultimate critique is what matters to God and not the bent of the leader.

So, what are the different types of leadership that can add so much to the balance, growth, and health of a church or ministry? And, what kind of leadership does a ministry need?

The Leadership Ministry Manual includes this content plus opportunity to reflect on and rate your church on how healthy it is in regard to the above factors.

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