Effective Corporate & Personal Prayer Ministry

Prayer ministry that is effective

A Prayer Ministry can take on many formats -- personal, with a prayer partner, corporate church praying, etc. Whatever the form, whoever might be involved, we should want our praying to be effective.

Effective Prayer Ministry Requires the Following:

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  1. We must begin on the basis of a personal relationship with God.
  2. We must have the right purposes for praying.
  3. We must develop a passion for prayer.
  4. We must view prayer as a priority.
  5. We must make prayer part of our lifestyle, or church culture, a permanent practice.
  6. We must depend on God's power to pray and attribute results to His power.
  7. We must adhere to biblical principles when praying.
To develop an effective prayer ministry, whether personal or with a group, we must understand and practice the above elements in prayer. We can then build upon these elements to:
Start where you are but aim at growing and improving in the above. When all of this is in place you should begin to see an increase in participation and the development of a passion within others to meet with God through prayer resulting in praise to our Lord.

This Prayer Ministry Manual contains content from this prayer ministry training section plus more.

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