Ministry Resources & Tools

Ministry Tools to Equip

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Serving God's Way Using His Means for His Glory

God provides the power and equipping resources to effectively serve Him. Let's look to Him as both our source and sustenance in ministry.
Use the following to reflect on the ministry resources and tools we have to accomplish all we do under God's leading and for His glory.

Ministry Alignment: Lining Up Ministry with God's Character & Ways 

Ministry Effectiveness: Measuring Ministry according to God's Standards 

Ministry Empowerment: Doing Ministry Through God's Wisdom, Grace, & Power 

Ministry Focus: Putting the Attention on God, Not Ourselves 

Ministry Methodology: Trusting God, Not the Form 

Ministry Objectives: Aiming at What Matters to God 

Ministry Perseverance: Being Sustained & Strengthened by God to Keep Serving 

Ministry Qualifications: Being God's Servant 

Ministry Recruitment: Getting the Person of God's Choosing 

Ministry Teamwork: Serving according to God's Design 

Ministry Training: Equipping God's People 

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