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Thanks for stopping by at the MinTools.com online training. Please stay awhile, bookmark this site, and then come again. Ministry Tools Resource Center exists to help equip people in Christian ministry like teachers, leaders, and others serving in the local church.
While we do not provide actual online courses, we do provide much content that you may freely read for your equipping and encouragement in ministry. Or, you can order a ministry manual with the content in these sections of the site plus more.

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Body Life

Learn about God's design and desire for His church, the Body of Christ, with members in true fellowship in body life, fulfilling the one another commands of Scripture.

Christian Education

Learn to administrate and coordinate the programs or strategies needed to facilitate the spiritual growth or discipleship of believers into Christ-likeness, fully devoted to Him.

Church Purpose

Find the Biblical basis and practical outworking of God's purposes for the church. Learn the benefits of being purpose-driven and how to overcome obstacles in getting there.

Fit in Ministry

Understand the need to develop ministry profiles which blend together your spiritual gifts, personality, experience, and heart passions to show your best fit in ministry.


Become the type of ministry leader God called you to be as you serve in various capacities, face unique challenges, affect the church culture, and come under critique.

Nuts & Bolts

Find help for service-oriented ministries that hold church life together like clerical, communications, grounds maintenance, hospitality, staff-support, technical services.


Connect with God about people and people about God as you obey the Great Commission through missions, witnessing, apologetics, compassion and other means of outreach.

People Helping

Learn how to be a people helper by comforting, listening, counseling, providing practical assistance, support groups, visiting and intervening when people are in crisis.

Prayer Ministry

Review elements of an effective prayer ministry, whether personal, with a prayer partner or corporately. Then you'll be ready to plan, promote, and prepare others to join you.


Gain understanding on how to effectively tend to the spiritual welfare of believers over the course of time by watching over, guiding, and nurturing them to be more Christ-like.

Spiritual Gifts

Discover Bible teaching on spiritual gifts given by the Holy Spirit to equip the Body of Christ for Christian ministry with resources to define, identify, develop and use them.


Develop an effective staffing solution that includes needs assessment, ministry profiling, recruitment, placement, and training of ministry workers based on God's design.

Teaching Bible

Find teacher training and resources for the teaching-learning process applicable to Christian teachers of all age-levels in the church's Christian Education program.


Pull from biblical precepts, principles and precedence to examine the various aspects of worship and their implications for both worship leaders and worshipers.

"May the God of peace ... equip you with everything good for doing His will ..." (Hebrews 13:20-21)

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