Effective Bible Teaching Results in Changed Lives - Christian Teachers Training

Training for Christian Bible teachers needs to go beyond mere knowledge, skills, and creativity to learning to teach for changed lives. We must begin with God's desired outcome and then seek His wisdom and power for how to get there.

What happens in a classroom where effective Bible teaching happens?

Students grow to know God beyond head knowledge to heart knowledge, beyond religion to a personal relationship with Him that keeps growing deeper and more intimate.

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People experience changed lives from the inside out, reflecting the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing them into conformity with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Teachers use problems as opportunities, getting beyond crowd control and mere classroom discipline techniques to real learning and growth.

What will it take for Bible teachers to experience these results?

We could develop a long list of tips for Bible teachers but provide just three broad realities that encompass much of what it will take. Click on links below to gain further clarification to each point.

  1. Effective Bible teachers always remember that it's God's Word they're teaching and it affects everything they do.
  2. Effective Bible teachers commit to being the kind of teacher who makes a difference by relying on the work of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Effective Bible teachers take on a multifaceted role to have the greatest impact on students' lives.
  4. Effective Bible teachers invest the time and effort it takes to do their best to accurately and strategically communicate God's life-changing Word.
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