Effective & Creative Bible Teaching - Christian Teachers Training Leading to Changed Lives

Effective and creative Bible teaching results in . . .

teacher training and teaching resources for Bible teachers
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. . . knowledge of God that grows deeper and more personal and intimate, not merely cognitive

. . . changed lives that reflect the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing people into conformity with the Lord Jesus Christ

. . . classroom management that goes beyond crowd control and mere classroom discipline techniques to true learning and growth

Effective Bible teachers focus on being the kind of teacher who makes a difference . . .

. . . being over doing

. . . doing that grows out of being

Effective Bible teachers invest the time, commitment, and effort it takes . . .

. . . to structure lessons that make a difference

. . . to plan methods that best communicate the content

. . . to be creative in their approach both in and out of the classroom

. . . to be student-oriented by teaching to meet their needs, developmental abilities, and learning styles

Effective Christian Bible teachers rely on the work of the Holy Spirit . . .

. . . acknowledging the need for God's wisdom and power

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