Worship Ministry That's God-Centered

Worshiping God in Spirit & in Truth

So much can be written about worship. This training section will not, however, cover it all. This teaching on worship will not provide a list of how-to's. Rather, it will look at biblical aspects of worship. Once we gain an understanding of God-centered worship done in spirit and in truth, then we are ready to address some of the implications for worship leaders and also the individual worshiper.
The application of these principles and implications can be as unique as the church itself.
Even God changed the ways and styles of worship throughout Scripture:

Old Testament, Israel

  • Worship centered around God's presence and glory in the temple with other specific locations prior to the building of the temple. (Jn. 4:21)
  • Worship involved scheduled and regulated feasts and literal sacrifices. (Lev.)
  • Great importance was put on place and method.
    Yet, there was room for individual, spontaneous, and varied means of expression.
The Bible and the cross are at the foundation of our beliefs.

New Testament, Christian Church

  • Worship centers around God's presence that cannot be contained in a building or place and is to be done in spirit and in truth. (Jn. 4:21-24)
  • Worship involves the whole of life and spiritual sacrifices. (Rom. 12:1)
  • Great importance is put on the heart.
    Yet, there is room for meeting in a place and planning for a specific or designated means of expression.

The difference is that in O.T. times, before Christ, the law guided the worshiper. After Christ, the Holy Spirit came to dwell within the heart of the believer, and He is to guide the worship. (See Philippians 3:3.)

To be sure, God has always been concerned about the heart of the worshiper. Jesus quoted from an Old Testament passage when He said, "I desire mercy, not sacrifice" (Matt. 9:13; 12:7; Mic. 6:6-8; Hos. 6:6).

Principles Guiding God-Centered Worship Done in Spirit & in Truth

Pulling from both Old and New Testament precepts, principles and precedence, this training section on worship will examine the following aspects of worship and their implications for a worship ministry.
Click on a topic below to take you to that aspect of worshiping God.

Worth-giving because of who He is
Offering to Him what we have to give
Responding to what God has done
Singling out God as the only true God
Humbling ourselves before God
Identifying with God and His ways
Presenting ourselves to God

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The content on this page is included in the Worship Ministry Manual along with a guide for thinking through the negotiables (what are precepts) and non-negotiables (what are preferences) in the different expressions of worship.

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