Family Ministry Resources for Churches, Parents, Families

If the Church focuses on building up believers in their walk with God, they in turn can develop strong families wherein the parents nurture their children in the ways of the Lord. Here are resources to help you encourage parents to do that

Click on a tab below to view a list of family ministry resources with helps for the church and parents, as well as some tools for helping families be centered on the Lord.

Many of the links below will take you to articles on other sites or to one of our affiliate stores. While seeking to choose sites and books that are doctrinally sound the Ministry Tools Resource Center makes no claim to total endorsement of any listing. Links to other sites will open in a new page to allow you to keep the list available to look at additional family ministry resources.

Family-Based Ministry

General Helps for Family Ministry in the Church

Family-Based Children's Ministry

Family-Based Youth Ministry


General Help for Families


General Parenting Resources

Parenting Curriculum

Fatherhood Resources

Motherhood Resources

Single Parent Families

Stepparenting - Blended Families


Family Devotions

Family Milestones - Family Faith Celebrations

May parents pass on godly values to their children but even more important, a desire to know and love God. Use these family ministry resources but get beyond the "how to's" to helping parents understand that it must first begin their own hearts.

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