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June 2018  

Dear Friends,

If you visit the site, you may see some new notations about privacy. Ministry Tools Resource Center has always been concerned about protecting your privacy and rights, honoring any requests to unsubscribe from blog notifications and this newsletter. You simply need to reply to the e-mail with the word 'Remove' and your e-mail will be deleted from the database. A new European law, however, requires clear, transparent wording about what is done with personal data. It's the new standard for websites.
The purpose of this ministry, however, remains the same -- equipping people to serve according to a standard that doesn't change, and doesn't need to change, and that's valid and useful for all no matter where you live. As believers, we measure all we do against the unchanging character and ways of God Himself. That doesn't mean we will never adapt or will never change wording, but the real essence and message remain uncompromised when we measure ministry against God Himself. A new series of posts began this past month about doing ministry God's way. In addition to the overview, so far we've looked at Ministry Alignment and Ministry Effectiveness. If you haven't already, you can subscribe to the blog for updates of new posts.
Let's get real about serving. Ministry won't always be easy just because we're doing it God's way. In Him, however, we not only find our Standard for ministry but also our Power Source. Why would we even consider doing ministry our own way, or according to the standards of the world, when all we need can be found in God? Just read through Scripture and study some of the Bible Characters to see what a difference it made when people turned to God as their all in all. We serve the same God!

Because He's Enough,

Phyllis Kline
Ministry Tools Resource Center

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