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Newsletter: June 2020

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Dear Friends,
Many churches have begun to open again while others hope to soon. We will maintain our purpose to love God and others, but how we do that will undoubtedly look different as we congregate once again. Consequently, as we move forward, we'll need to implement a new vision for our churches of how to get there. As His power has been with us to do His will in the past, so it will continue to be there.
How we serve might look different than it was before. Just as we had to learn new ways to use our spiritual gifts outside the walls of our church buildings, so we will need to adapt as we return. Since spiritual gifts are God's power at work through us, we can rely on Him to help us navigate the unknowns as we adjust to new strategies in almost every area of church life and ministry.
We didn't stop being His Church when we weren't meeting together. We won't stop being His Church as we move forward -- however that might look. We can turn to our Lord for wisdom and strength to face a new day. As we needed God's grace to effectively manage our schedules these past months, rather than waste that time, so we will need His grace to adjust to the changes as we gather again as a Body.
Let's remember God's words to Joshua who, after the death of Moses, had to pick up from there and lead the people into many unknowns. God told him to "be strong and very courageous" (Josh. 1:5-8) for God would be with Him.

Because of His Grace,

Phyllis Kline
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