True Body Life Results in Ministry

. . . serve one another in love. (Galatians 5:13c)

Examples of Needs Being Met When Engaging in True Body Life by Living Out the One Another Commands

When a church body lives out the one another commands in the New Testament, all people, regardless of their need, will find help. Ministry happens. For example . . .

  • Those who are lonely will feel connected as they become part of a people who know what it means to be members of one another.
  • Those who are immature will grow as they are surrounded by people who build up one another.
  • Those who are hurting will heal as they are surrounded by people who comfort one another.
  • Those who are discouraged will begin to hope again as they come along side of people who encourage one another.
  • Those who fail will find grace and forgiveness as they walk among those who are willing to bear with one another.

Examples of Ministry Happening Through the Use of Spiritual Gifts

When a church body operates within the sphere of spiritual gifting, needs are met. Learn more in the spiritual gifts division of the site. There you will find definitions, ways the various gifts can be used, and even an online spiritual gifts test to help you identify your gifts.

  • Those who need someone to come along side of them will find encouragement through the notes or counsel of those with the gift of exhortation.
  • Those who need their doubts dispelled will be inspired by those with the gift of faith.
  • Those who need to feel like they belong will find a warm welcome from those with the gift of hospitality.
  • Those who need a shoulder to cry on will be comforted by those with the gift of mercy.

This is ministry at its best and it will only happen consistently in a church that practices body life principles. Too often such ministry is hit or miss, sporadic, or absent. When following God's design for the church, however, such ministry becomes intentional, normal, expected, and regular.

The Body Life Ministry Manual contains more examples of ministry as a result of living out the one another commands and exercising our spiritual gifts. The manual also provides some suggestions for encouraging such ministry.

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