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  • Growing True Disciples by George Barna

2001, hardback - 186 pages
   Condition: Good - highlights throughout the book; dust jacket has a little wear; otherwise very good condition
   About the Book: "Christ’s command to the church is clear: 'Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations...' It is in building disciples--helping others to embrace Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, mature in him, and then lead others to do the same--that the Kingdom grows. And when the Kingdom grows, churches do, too. In Growing True Disciples, respected author and researcher George Barna helps pastors and leaders assess how their churches are doing in fulfilling their role as disciplemakers. And he reveals models and examples that will equip churches to dramatically increase their effectiveness. As a result, your church can begin to see more involved members who want to live out their faith in submission to God, and joyfully share their resources to fulfill Christ’s commission."



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