The Church's Purpose to Love God Is Expressed Through Nurture

Christian Nurture is about Helping People Get to Know God

The Priority of Nurturing:

The Program for Nurture:

  • discipleship (Matt. 28:19 - matheteuo)
  • equipping (Eph. 4:11-16 - katartismos)
  • teaching (Matt. 28:20 - didasko)
  • preaching (2 Tim. 4:2 - kerusso)
  • exhorting (1 Tim. 4:13 - paraklesis)

The Process for Nurture:

The Product of Christian Nurturing:

The Church Purpose Ministry Manual provides some additional input and questions for you to reflect on regarding the priority, program, process, and end result (product) of nurture in your church.

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