Benefits of Following the Church's Purpose

Building of Health, Cohesiveness & Growth in the Body


Greater Unity:

As leadership and the body as a whole move toward the same purpose they develop the same mind. People are no longer doing their own thing. There is a standard.


Better Morale:

This is the kind of church to which people want to belong. They will see purpose and meaning in what is being done. They will get excited about becoming a part of this group.


More Involvement:

People want to get involved when they know the church is going somewhere. They don't want to invest time and effort into something that is floundering.


Increased Giving:

Someone has said that people tend to give to vision, not need. When there is a feeling of contributing to something that is going somewhere, it becomes like an investment rather than simply paying the bills.


Resultant Growth:

A church operating without purpose flounders and consequently experiences minimal growth. A church with purpose tends to flourish and see measurable results.

The Church Purpose Ministry Manual provides additional Scriptural input on each of the above benefits as well as a assessment tool to help you measure how well you are following the church's purposes in light of evidences or lack thereof of these benefits.

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