Nuts & Bolts Ministries: Issues in Serving

Issues in Serving

There are lots of details and deadlines to meet to hold the church together and much of that is done behind-the-scenes by people in Nuts and Bolts types of ministries. While the actual work might be done behind the scenes, the end result ... such as the church bulletin, web site, landscaping, lighting and sound, etc. ... is seen by many.

Issues Faced by People Serving in Nuts & Bolts Ministries:

People serving in these ways must grapple with some issues that come with the type of work they do. They must determine what truly is most important. Look at the list below. If a choice must be made, to which side should we defer?

excellence versus perfectionistic
message versus methods
people versus projects
impact versus impress

Where we land on these issues should be that which matters most to God. A study of Scripture will take us to the words on the left as most important.

The Nuts & Bolts Ministry Manual contains about a page on each of the above issues including questions to ponder.

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