Leadership Ministry: Critique Standards for Evaluating Success

Leaders need to measure themselves against the right criteria. Evaluate against God's standards, not worldly or carnal definitions of success.

Order the Leadership Ministry Manual for a chart looking at Worldly and Carnal Measures of Success versus God's Standards as well as a checklist to evaluate the real issues in struggles you might be having.

Because of the type of leader they are, different leaders will tend to ask themselves different questions when critiquing their leadership success. If not careful, the questions they ask could take them into a more worldly or carnal measurement.

Leadership Evaluation by Visionary Leaders:

Tend to Ask: Did people come on board?
Caution: could take them into a need for prominence (position, influence) or politics to make it happen
Alternative Question: Did it advance the cause of Christ?

Evaluating by Administrative Leaders:

Tend to Ask: Did it work?
Caution: could cause them to take performance too far using only a pragmatic objective and failing to acknowledge the spiritual dimension
Alternative Question: Did it conform to the Lord and His ways, resultantly bringing glory to Him?

Evaluation by Shepherding Leaders:

Tend to Ask: How do people feel about it?
Caution: could grow into a people-pleasing mentality and a need for popularity
Alternate Question: Did people change and mature, becoming more Christ-like?

The Leadership Ministry Manual, in addition to the content on this page, also briefly considers why the suggested alternative questions are better ones to ask.

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