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As individual Christians and as a Church, we must develop convictions, based on God's Word, on various life issues that don't always seem so easy to deal with or reconcile. For some, these issues will become the focus of their ministry. To this end, Ministry Tools Resource Center seeks to provide you with some ministry resources that could assist you in your understanding and ministry.

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Many of the links below will take you to articles on other sites or to one of our affiliate stores. While seeking to choose sites and books that are doctrinally sound the Ministry Tools Resource Center makes no claim to total endorsement of any listing. Links to other sites will open in a new page to allow you to keep the list available to look at additional resources on these life issues.


Abortion from a Pro-Life Perspective

Pro-Life Tool - Fetal Development Wall Chart
Fetal Development
Wall Chart

Answers in Genesis


Help with Thinking Through the Issue of Euthanasia


Help with Thinking Through the Issue of Creation versus Evolution

Answers Magazine
Answers Magazine

Answers in Genesis


What about Christians and Politics?


Dealing with Racial Issues


Dealing with Sexual Issues


Examine a variety of hot topics in today's society from a biblical moral and ethical viewpoint.

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At the end of the day it's not what various books say on a specific life issue, nor the media, government, or any other human agency. Rather, what does God say?