40 Day Challenge

40 Day Challenge to Help You Maintain a Healthy Perspective

Pillars of Truth to Support You in Life

They say habits are developed in 40 days. What if you would take 40 days to keep telling yourself certain foundational truths that would help you better cope with life and maintain a healthy perspective? And, what if in those 40 days you not only repeated the truths but also looked to God for help to implement the truths in your everyday life? Imagine the potential of truth invested with God's power!

Click image below for a free copy of the 40 Day Challenge to use yourself or to pass on to others:

40 Day Challenge for Maintaining a Healthy Perspective

(Print and fold it in half vertically keeping the printing on the outside. You may make as many copies as you wish providing you keep the copyright information on it.)

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Foundational Pillars of Truth for Maintaining a Healthy Perspective

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