Sports & Recreational Outreach Ministry Resources

Sports and other leisure or recreational activities can provide great relationship-building opportunities and hence can be good for outreach and discipleship.

Click on a tab below to view a list of resources for outreach ministry within these different sports and recreational areas.

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Sports Can be an Effective Means for Outreach Ministry





The Outdoors

The Great Outdoors Display the Glory of God

Outdoors Bible
Campers Bible


Traveling & Vacations Expand Outreach Opportunities


Resources for Traveling:

TV / Video

Use the Media like TV & Video to the Glory of God

For faith-based, family-friendly streaming video, check this out site:
Pure Flix Streaming Movies


No Matter What Your Sports or Recreational Interest, Be A Light Where You Are

For Motorcyclists:



For Rodeo / Cowboys:



These ministry resources serve as a reminder to let your light shine for Jesus in all you do, including sports and other recreational activities. Enjoy your times of leisure but remember that we never break from loving and glorifying Him.

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