All Factors in Christian Education Ministry in Congruence with the Big Picture

Factors Such as Curriculum, Facilities, Budgets, Policies, Master Calendar Should Be in Congruence with the Big Picture

Curriculum, facilities, budget, policies, and scheduling are all an important part of a Christian Education ministry. These factors, however, should flow out of and be in congruence with other elements already determined such as:

Once You Have a Good Handle on the Big Picture, Then You are Ready to Determine the Particulars of Your Christian Education Ministry:

Choose curriculum that fits your plans.

What to Look for in Choosing Curriculum
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Evaluate your facilities for their best and most efficient use.

Propose a budget to match your priorities and needs.

Develop policies to help promote the good of all.

Coordinate a master calendar to avert conflicts.

The Christian Education Ministry Manual provides some brief thoughts on each of these factors as well as a one page chart you may copy and use to evaluate if these specific factors fit the important big picture elements of your Christian Education Ministry.

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