What to Look for in Choosing Curriculum for Sunday School or Any Other Bible Lessons

The following three elements should be present in any kind of curriculum you choose whether that be for Sunday School, Children's Church, a mid-week program, small groups, or any other kind of Bible class:

doctrinal soundness

Sound Doctrinally
  • Is the curriculum rooted in God's Word and not merely man's ideas?
  • Is it balanced in teaching the whole counsel of God, not over-emphasizing certain parts?
doctrinal soundness

Sound Teaching-Learning Process
  • Is the curriculum student-oriented?
  • Do the lessons promote active learning?
  • Does it move beyond head knowledge?
sound developmentally

Sound Developmentally
  • Is the curriculum age appropriate according to students' abilities?
  • Is it age appropriate according to students' interests?

The Teaching Ministry Manual includes these points along with some Scripture to back them up and also helps you break down each of these factors into elements relative to each factor.

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