Obstacles in Becoming More Purposeful: Fleshly Resistance & Conflicts

In seeking to be more purposeful you are bound to face some obstacles -- in the fleshly realm and the spiritual. Here we will look at resistance that comes from people struggling to accept the changes this pursuit might bring to the church. To read about spiritual resistance, go to: Obstacles in Becoming More Purposeful: Resistance in the Spiritual Realm

Resistance in the Pursuit of Our Church Purpose the Fleshly Realm:

The spectrum of reactions to change will vary, falling somewhere within the following range. Resistance may come from any of these positions but the type of obstacles they present will vary greatly.

True Acceptance

true acceptance of change

These are the people who have thought through and accept the change.

They may initially have some legitimate concerns but will truly accept change and be cooperative and demonstrate lasting commitment.

Passive Acceptance

passively accept change

These are the people who have put little thought into it but readily accept the change.

You will encounter no resistance from them at all but in time their commitment wanes.


skeptic of change

These are the people who think a lot about the change and, in their thinking, all they see are red flags.

They may raise a lot of questions but if their concerns are addressed they may move into true acceptance.

Outright Rejection

rejection of change

These are the people who do not have to think much about it because they know, in their minds, that it is wrong.

You will receive massive resistance from them that can become insurmountable obstacles if not dealt with from the start.


Click Here for Helps for Dealing With Conflict under the 'Skills' tab on that page.

Order the Church Purpose Ministry Manual for a little more input on each of these types of fleshly resistance and how to deal with it, along with a one page assessment on how healthy your Church Body is in handling these kinds of conflict.

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