Tips for Using Your Church Purpose Statement

To Be Driven by God's Purposes:

Tip #1:    Lay a solid foundation on which change is built.

running ahead of the people

Knowing and using your church purpose has many benefits. When the leadership of the church understands this, they may be tempted to run full speed ahead and implement changes prematurely or rashly. They may not give the church body enough time to come on board and get acclimated to the new direction before major changes are implemented.

Tip #2:    Be realistic in your expectations.

waiting for everybody to get on board
On the other hand, some leaders may wait too long to move. They insist on waiting to make any changes until they sense everyone is on board and ready to run with it. They fail to acknowledge the reality that they will probably always have some people on the sidelines.

Tip #3:    Be committed to move forward.

be committed to move forward

How easy it can be to get stuck in the planning stages. Assessing the situation is good. Examining every aspect of the church's work is essential. Praying over it is an absolute necessity. However, there comes a point when you need to move. If you wait until you are 100% ready, you may never move. You must begin somewhere.

Tip #4:    Get beyond talking about it.

stop being all talk and little or no action
Moving forward implies action. There has been much talk lately about the church's purpose .... almost like it is one of the latest fads in church life. Talking about it makes one feel like they are part of the loop. Sadly, though, that is as far as it goes for many. They never get out of the cheering section and into the game. They consequently get no further ahead and continue to flounder. Why is this sad? -- Because being driven by purpose reflects the character of God who is a God of order and design.

Tip #5:    Be patient with the process.

be progress over perfection

Once the foundation is laid and you begin to move forward, expect some potholes along the way. Everything will not go the way you planned. Some people you thought were on board may let their true feelings known. Cooperation will not always be as forthcoming as it ought to be. There will be problems. There will be setbacks. Perfection will not be reached on this side of eternity. The question to ask is not if you are perfect but if you are progressing. In God's economy the process is as important as the end result.

The Church Purpose Ministry Manual helps you take a look at how you are implementing the above tips and encourages you to take steps to improve in how you are using your church's purpose statement.

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