Placement or Deployment of Church Volunteers into Ministry

Pre-Requisites for Placing People into Ministry:

Getting the right person into the right ministry at the right time requires that you follow an on-going process of . . .

After the right person has accepted the right ministry at the right time, you are ready to place this person into the ministry position.

If you take a short cut from the process, you will soon run into problems.

You may try to keep a dying ministry alive, putting people into positions that will yield minimal eternal impact. --- a consumption of valuable energy
You may tend to place the wrong people in the wrong places and then they will not be available to be placed where they ought to be deployed. --- a misuse of your people resources
You may fail to give people a realistic view of what they can expect and so they may get frustrated and soon leave. --- a low retention rate
You may get to the point where placement becomes about filling positions rather than following God's design and purposes. --- a failure to glorify God

Elements Required for Effective Deployment of Church Volunteers:

  1. Delegation of Responsibility
  2. Distribution of Resources
  3. Demonstration of Relationship


The Staffing Ministry Manual expands on each of the above elements and provides a checklist you can use to help ensure that you complete these aspects of staffing for each person you place into a position of ministry.

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