Effective Recruitment of Volunteers for Christian Ministries

Effective recruitment of volunteer church and ministry workers depends on what you believe about:

To be sure, these are difficult days for people responsible for staffing volunteers for ministry. The busyness, dysfunction, and stresses of people's lives seems to be higher than ever. Rather than give up, it calls for leaders to all the more reexamine their philosophy of ministry and line up with God's strategies. We must be purposeful. We must be relentless. We must be determined to exercise practices that truly encourage everyone to do their part.

Recruitment of Volunteers without a God-Oriented Framework

If we don't follow find God's answer to the recruitment issues listed above, we'll tend to fall prey to the following in the way we recruit:

  • rationalization
  • laziness
  • haphazardness
  • sloppiness

Then we'll find ourselves frustrated or flustered, wondering why people won't help. We may use methods that arm-twist people into serving. We may resort to manipulating them through the use of a guilt trip or bribery. We may find yourself throwing up our arms in despair and either doing it ourselves or overworking the faithful few.

Take Time to Learn Recruitment of Volunteers God's Way

The Staffing Ministry Manual looks at each of the three points mentioned above needed for effective recruitment along with other staffing ministry responsibilities.