Counseling: The Role of Christian Counselors

Why Do People Need Counseling?

We can simply answer the question about why people need counselors. -- They have problems.

The Role of Christian Counselors in Helping People with Their Problems

Which of the following responses would you choose?

  1. People need counselors to tell them how to solve their problems.
  2. People need counselors to let them talk about their problems.
  3. People need counselors to help them solve their problems.

If you chose "A", consider this:

Counseling needs to be more than the giving of advice. To always use a directive approach is to foster a dependency on you as a counselor.

If you chose "B", consider this:

While talking about one's problems can be therapeutic, people need more than a release of their feelings.

If you chose "C":

People need to resolve their problems, not just talk about them. How much more effective it is if the counselor takes on the role of a facilitator, guide, or catalyst rather than a dictator or manipulator.

The People Helping Ministry Manual includes a section on counseling with the content on this page along with a few needs that may or may not be met as a result of these approaches. The manual also includes the following topics about helping people through counseling:

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