Church Ministry Needs Assessment Questions

What kinds of questions should be answered in a ministry needs assessment?

Effective staffing solutions flow out of ministry needs assessment using probing and strategic questions to discern if ministry is on track and changes needed.

  1. Where should we be?

The basis for answering this question is your church purpose and God's design for the church.
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  1. Where have we been?

Take a look at what you were doing at the time of the last assessment.

  1. Where are we now?

List your current ministries and their effectiveness in fulfilling God's purpose and design for your church.

  1. Where will we be if we keep going as we are now?

Here you are projecting ahead to what will happen if you make no significant changes in your ministry.

  1. Where will we go from here?

In the final stages of needs assessment you draft a proposal based on your findings.

Order the Staffing Ministry Manual for more input on each question as well as suggested preparations and a process you might use to ask and answer each of the above questions. You'll also find a basic form for recording your conclusions.

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