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Recruitment Blues? – Put Yourself in Their Shoes


We all can get recruiting blues — both ministry leaders trying to recruit and the people being recruited.

Recruitment BluesMinistry leaders, trying to recruit people, can get frustrated and discouraged when enough people don’t volunteer to serve.

People being recruited can sometimes get frustrated and discouraged when they feel manipulated or coerced into serving.

The recruitment problem goes both ways.

Maybe we need to do a little roleplaying to see how each side feels. Imagine being a ministry leader who can’t get enough people to serve. Imagine being a church attender who wonders about the value of serving due to the way recruitment is handled. Put yourself in each other’s shoes.

Reminder to ministry leaders: The way you approach recruitment affects people’s opinions about serving and the effectiveness of recruiting.

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Reminder to church attenders: Serving is God’s idea, not the church’s. Your first concern should be loving and glorifying Him, regardless of how recruitment is handled in your church. Be impassioned about the Lord. Anything you do in His name is worthwhile!

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