Nuts & Bolts Ministries: Essential to the Big Picture

Think about church life without people doing these kinds of ministries. So much would be left undone or be done half-heartedly. These particulars contribute to the excellence and effectiveness of a church that help formulate its big picture impression and impact. All are needed!

How Different Types of Nuts & Bolts Ministries are Needed, Contributing to the Big Picture

Clerical / Office Ministry

How organized do you think the church would be without them?
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Communications Ministry

How well do you think the church would be promoted in the community without them?

Facilities & Grounds Maintenance Ministry

What kind of testimony and draw would your church have if people didn't take care of the physical appearance of the church?

Hospitality Ministry

What kind of first impressions do you think visitors would have without them?

Staff Support Ministry

How much time would leaders and teachers have to spend on leading and teaching if they didn't have assistance in other matters?
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Technical Services

What would the worship service be like if someone didn't attend to lighting and sound issues?

The Nuts & Bolts Ministry Manual contains the content on this page plus some thoughts on why the big picture is important.

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