Just a Teacher’s Helper? Ouch!

When members of the church body say, “I’m just a …” it is suggesting that they are unimportant or at least not as important as someone else.

In this case the person might be saying,

“I’m not as important as a teacher. He/she is doing what really matters, what truly counts for eternity.”


Here’s why that perception is hurtful:

Think about the heart of God who designed the church to be interdependent, meaning that each person is needed and important (1 Cor. 12:18-27). Do you really think God made a mistake with you? How that perception must grieve Him!

Think about what is being taught, the life-changing Word of God (2 Tim. 3:16-17). If you aren’t pouring yourself wholeheartedly into this ministry because you are just a teacher’s helper, will students be receiving the best learning experience they could? That potentially can hurt the spiritual growth of students.

Think about teachers without a teacher’s helper trying to minister to more students than they can adequately attend to, having to sometimes zero in on individual issues or details that causes them to lose the attention of the remainder of the class. This can hurt their effectiveness.

People who make good teacher’s helpers often have the spiritual gift of helps. They are used by God to assist in ways that free teachers up to focus their attention on actual teaching. Teacher’s helpers have a vital role in the teaching-learning process!

  • A teacher’s helper can better look around and observe what is going on in the classroom and prevent problems from occurring. To say you are just a teacher’s helper suggests that it would be better for a teacher to have to stop the lesson and discipline than help students understand God’s Word. Ouch! While disciplining can, and should, be turned into teachable moments, the clock ticks on when a teacher must stop to turn attention to an individual and risk losing attention of the whole.
  • A teacher’s helper often can identify individual students who need extra help in understanding the lesson. To say you are just a teacher’s helper suggests it wouldn’t matter if students remained confused, doubtful, or developing a mistruth about God’s Word because they didn’t receive clarification. Ouch!
  • A teacher’s helper can usually take time to hone in on individual needs and thus free up students to learn. To say you are just a teacher’s helper suggests it is better to ignore special needs or challenges students have that can distract them or hold them back from growing in grace and in the knowledge of God (2 Pet. 3:18). Ouch!
  • A teacher’s helper is able to form relationships with students in ways teachers often can’t because the teacher’s focus is on the big picture. To say you are just a teacher’s helper suggests that being able to show the love of God to individual students doesn’t matter. Ouch! Jesus Himself stressed the priority of love (Matt. 22:39-40; Jn. 15:9-13).

Teacher’s helpers are needed. They have a vital role in the teaching-learning process, helping students know and love God better. — You are not “just” a teacher’s helper.

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