FAQ About Our Spiritual Gift Mix

You may have observed how varying numbers of spiritual gifts seem to be given in varying degrees and mixes to believers. This observation forms the basis for two FAQ about gifting. May the following thoughts about these questions provide some peace and assurance that God makes no mistakes in the number, degree, or mix of gifts He has given you.

Why do some people have only one spiritual gift while others have several gifts?

If we were to survey a church to discover the spiritual gifting of the Body, we would find that some members have several spiritual gifts while other might have only one gift. Here are some points to keep in mind:
  • Spiritual gifts are given according to the Holy Spirit's discernment (1 Cor. 12:11, 18). In His omniscience, He knows exactly what gift(s) would be just right for you and the church body you are in. God gives the gifts in the right proportions as He deems best which means we do not have to feel envious or cheated.
  • We have spiritual gifts because of God's grace, not because we earned or merited them. We are all on the same plain. The person with one spiritual gift has that gift because of God's grace. The person with many gifts has those gifts because of God's grace. It is not a competitive or comparison issue. It is a matter of trusting God to have made you and equipped you with just what you need to do the work He has for you. Read: Significance Because of God's Grace

What is the significance of a person's "gift-mix"?

In seeking to identify what spiritual gifts they may have, many people discover more than one gift. The gifts may or may not be of equal measure. The combination of those gifts in their differing measures is what we can call our "gift-mix." Our gift-mix is what helps to make our service unique. Two people can have the gift of teaching. One may have the gift of teaching mixed with the gift of pastor. The other may have the gift of teaching mixed with the gift of knowledge. These two teachers will look very different in their emphasis. The first will put more emphasis on the long term care of the people being taught, making this person a good Sunday School teacher or pastor of a church. The latter will put more emphasis on teaching correct doctrine, making a good Bible college teacher or curriculum writer.

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