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All the material in the Spiritual Gifts and Finding Your Best Fit sections of the site are not found in any one publication in the MinTools.com store exactly as it is on the web site. Scroll below for where you will find similar material.

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Although all materials on this site are written by and copyrighted by Ministry Tools Resource Center, you are permitted to print a limited number of copies of a page or two, with the exception of the online spiritual gifts test, under the following conditions:

  • You must keep the copyright information on the page. You should also include the page address from which it was taken and the phrase 'copied by permission.'
  • You may not put it on another web site in any kind of format.
  • You may not put it into any other digital format to be distributed.
  • You may not put it into any format that will be sold. Only a limited number of quotes of select material may be included in anything you might publish and then it must be properly attributed to Ministry Tools Resource Center along with the web site address.

Interested in a spiritual gifts test?

The spiritual gifts test on this site may not be copied onto another site or computer and would be of minimal benefit if printed. A manual means of scoring the online test is not available.

Interested in a list of spiritual gifts and their definitions?

You will find similar definitions of the various spiritual gifts as found on the online gifts list page in the following:

Interested in teaching about spiritual gifts?

Interested in learning about your ministry profile?

  • Finding Your Best Fit in Ministry Book - You will look at your walk with God, spiritual gifts, passions, personality, and experience to discover a picture that shows how you can best serve the Lord with maximum effectiveness. This material is similar but not identical to the content in the Finding Your Best Fit section of the site.


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