Ministry Profile: How Your Spiritual Gifts Fit

ministry profile like a puzzle

Spiritual Gifts:
Your Enablement
For Ministry

Do you want to know your best fit in ministry? Identify your spiritual gifts. Since spiritual gifts are God's enablement for you to do ministry, certainly your giftedness should be viewed as an important piece of the puzzle. When your spiritual gifts are combined with other parts of your life, you see an even bigger picture of how you should serve -- YOUR MINISTRY PROFILE.
Spiritual gifts are a special divine empowerment to do what God wants you to do. They point you in the direction of the ministry area(s) in which you should be involved. As you consider your passions, personality, and experience in combination with your gifts, you will know which tasks to zero in on within those areas and the people to whom you should minister.

To illustrate how spiritual gifts work in combination with all of who we are, think about the gift of teaching. Some people's ministry profile might suggest they teach children. Though someone with the gift of teaching could teach any age if gifting was the only factor, their passions or past experience could point them specifically toward teaching children. And, certain personality temperaments do better with children than others.
To find your best fit in ministry, begin by discovering how you are gifted but go beyond to factor in your passions, personality, and experience.

What kind of help do you need regarding spiritual gifts?

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